Optimizing Brain Health
Through Neurotherapy

Dr. Cosmas

A Natural Supplement for Clinical Psychology

Today's society looks at self-care more than in the past. Mental and physical wellness seem to increase with self-care. This is where neurofeedback can assist. Research indicates that emotional/mental wellness begets physical wellness. 

Whether you live with symptoms of ADD, ADHD, brain injury, depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, insomnia, Autism Spectrum, and want to increase energy, enhance performance or engage positively in relationships, neurofeedback retrains your brain to respond in a more ideal way. With neurofeedback, you can avoid undergoing invasive treatments, and in some cases lessen or discontinue certain prescription drugs. It can decrease mental fog after general anesthesia. Lift IQ scores. Help with college entrance exams. Stave off cognitive decline. Essentially taking any weight off a person's plate will increase energy. It's a natural way to treat condition you may have, helping you live a healthier and more pleasant life.


Change your brain and change your life

About Us

Dr. Jen Cosmas started her training in counseling and clinical psychology back in 1994. Her practice in neurotherapy, AKA neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback, trains the brain to function more efficiently, resulting in positive physical, emotional, and mental outcomes. 

Jen uses a comprehensive approach when training clients by incorporating traditional talk-and-behavior-focused educational psychology with neurofeedback to further address her clients' issues. You are in the room with her for the intake assessment, EEG gathering, and all sessions. 10-15 minutes of each session includes information gathering to generate the protocol and and has a therapeutic component.

In order to properly address issues, investigative diagnostics are required. The comprehensive clinical interviews provide her with a wealth of information, ensuring the best treatment possible. Multiple treatment packages are available. Reach out to Dr. Cosmas to learn more.

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